Busbar fabrication machine for small switchgear box

Model NSB-603
Weight 620 Kg
Rated Input voltage 220V(13.8A) / 380V(8.0A)
Motor 3HP(2.25Kw) – 4P
220 / 380V
50Hz, 60Hz
1740rpm / 60Hz, 1430Rpm / 50Hz
Hydraulic pump 8 Liter/revolution
Hydraulic oil ISO VG46
Oil change Every 5 years
Oil reservoir 50 liter
Max power consumption 3.5 kw
Applicable Size of Bus Bar T5 x W20
For MCCB rated in 150~200A
For MCCB rated in 75~100A
For MCCB rated in 30~50A
For BKM & BF
For ELB & 32GR
  • NBS-603 is a processing machine for the panel board bus bar RST phase main ground wire.
  • Easy storage because of the die box to prevent damage and loss of die
  • The processing work is accurate and 10 times faster than that of the previous work method because the NBS-603 RST main ground wire is processed once.