Compact Busbar Machine

  • Minimization of installation space.
  • It is easy to transfer and moved to the desired place.
  • Available for 4 works of cutting, bending, punching and terminal crimping with one machine.
  • Angle adjustment is convenient in bending due to the attachment of bending “Angle Indicator”.
  • Able to punch a great quantity by the intended sizes as the punching guide is installed on the left .
  • Design in low pressure type at 300 Kg/cm2
  • Used for continuous processing busbar in factory
  • Busbar processing capacity T12 x W120 mm.

Model NSB-506
Size Width 620mm, Length 650 mm, Height 1150mm
Motor 3HP – 3 PHASE, 50Hz, 380V, 1460rpm/50Hz
Hydraulic Pump 6.3 Liter/Revolution
Hydraulic Oil Hydrio Drive MIH 546, ISO VG46
Oil Change Every 5 Years
Oil Reservoir 36 Liter
Max. Power Comsumption 2.2 KW
Max. Power Pressure 300 kg/cm2