PA-S Series

The PA-S series is based on conventional step-switched power sources which are ideally suited for automated cutting tasks with machine torches in combination with 2D guiding systems and 3D robots, but also for manual use with hand torches.

Hand torches as well as machine torches can quickly be retooled for plasma gouging. Plasma gouging is ideally suited to remove seam defects as well as to prepare back-welding processes.

We offer straight standard torches and special torches with short shafts as well as torches with a 600 or 900 angled torch head. Further advantages are : ~ Good quality of both cut surfaces ~ High lifetime of consumable due to direct liquid cooling. It is possible to perform contour and straight cuts as bevel cuts up to 600 and interrupted cuts in all 2D and 3D positions.

A wide range of accessories is available for the hand torches which make it easy to perform many diverse cutting tasks.

Description Unit PA-S25 W PA-S45 W PA-S70 W
Mains voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Fuse, slow A 32 63 125
Connected load kVA 21 38 75
Cutting current A 25 A at 100%d.c 45 A at 100%d.c 80 A at 100%d.c
45 A at 100%d.c 85 A at 100%d.c 160 A at 100%d.c
70 A at 75%d.c 130 A at 60%d.c 240 A at 80%d.c
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 920x630x960 1040x710x960 1380x870x1080
Weight kg 168 240 460
Plasma gases Air (O2,Ar,H2) Air, Ar / H2-mixture