Portable Busbar Machine

  • It is available for 4 works of cutting, bending, punching, and terminal crimping with one machine.
  • Angle adjustment is convenient in bending due to the attachment of bending “Angle Indicator”.
  • Punching jig can be attached as an options.

* Presence
  • It is easy to transfer due to small volume and separate design of the main body and oil pressure section and can access to any place in the spot.

* Transfer
  • It can be moved to the desired place easily by attaching the wheel to the main body, oil pressure section and working stand.

* Efficiency
  • It can process up to T10XW120 mm even in small size.

Model Type NSB-505
Size - Main Body Pressure Part Working Table
W x D x H 270 x 150 x 435 355 x 385 x 530 505 x 455 x 780
Power Supply - 220 V – 1P
Motor - 1 HP, 950rpm / 50HZ/700Bar
Hydraulic Pump Liter 6