GECKO Welding Carriage (Compact)

Gecko is a compact welding tractor designed to produce consistent high-quality welds. Constant, continuous and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications, thus reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage, substantially.
  • Compact, lightweight design with durable aluminum cast housing
  • Positive magnetic traction permits out of position use
  • Magnet on/off lever permits easy set up and adjustment on work piece
  • Maintenance free 4-wheel drive with worm gear reduction
  • Heat resistant silicone wheels
  • Multifunctional LED display - presetting of travel speed, error codes information
  • Closed loop speed control system stabilizes travel speed to reduce weld defects and costly rework
  • Reduced wasted filler metal – eliminates over welding
  • Automatic ARC ON/OFF system initiates welding with travel, simultaneously
  • Capable of carrying and controlling 2 torches
  • Self-guiding roller arms eliminate the need for track
  • Improves working environment - removes operator from heat and fumes
Voltage 230 V , 50 Hz
Power 20 W
Welding position Horizontal PA (flat), PB (horizontal vertical), PC (horizontal)
Welding position Vertical PF (vertical up and down)
Minimum path convex radius 1000 mm (3.5 ft)
Minimum path concave radius 1250 mm (4 ft)
Torch diameter 16 - 22 mm (0.63-0.87"); up to 35mm (1.38") option
Minimum welding material thickness 4 mm (0.16")
Ground clearance 4 mm (0.16")
Horizontal pulling force 150 N
Vertical pulling force (220-240 VAC) 100 N
Cross slide adjustment range 0-35 mm (0-1.38"), up down, L-R
Horizontal speed 0-110 cm/min; (0-43.3 in/min)
Vertical speed 0-100 cm/min; (0-39.4 in/min)
Weight 8 kg (18 lbs)

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories