Bending Machine, Shearing Machine, Punching Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine

Haco is a product consisting of Bending, Robot Bending, Fiber Laser Cutting, Punching, Plasma Cutting and Shearing and other equipment. Haco in the development of innovation with fiber laser cutting machines for its market, which Haco has the advantage of the quality of materials and durability that has been tested in various industrial jobs, Development techniques and innovation research are very important for every Haco product, because with this system the product that will be used will be very good and also function optimally.

Haco has good service, because it is very necessary in our products, Haco has the advantage of dynamic and customization of each product that can function as a reliable production tool, which can be combined with other tools, has a strong character in the development and research techniques in each tool and easy-to-use application of each tool and production costs become more efficient and maintenance of our products that will be trusted

Haco Euromaster S-30150
CNC Shearing Machine HSLX, Featuring: Sheet Back to Sender
HACO Turret Punching Machine
Haco Guillotine Shearing Machine HSLX series

Haco Euromaster-S 440
HACO CNC Shearing Machine HSLX, Featuring: Hydraulic Sheet Support System
HACO CNC Fastbend 2D Controller, Featuring: Fastest bending solution
HACO Press Brake with Alfa Angle Measuring System

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