Hydraulic Knock-Out Punchers

Royal Hydraulic knock-out punchers are widely used in electrical panel industry. They are very good to solving holes punch application on sheet metal without any depth throat distance problem.

We offer 2 types of hydraulic knock-out punchers which can punch holes in sheet metal up to 3 mm thickness and 22 mm - 115.5 mm diameter.

Standard knock-out punchers are supplied complete with mold punches and dies, light weight hand pump and 1 m hose however the user can combine the knock-out punchers with motor driven pump in order to working faster and improving productivity.
Royal Hydraulic knock-out punchers

Royal Hydraulic knock-out punchers

Designation of knock out punch mold no.
Model B-16,B-22, B-28,B-36,B-42,B-54,B-70,B-82,B-104
Hole die (mm) 22.0,28.0,34.0,42.7,48.7,60.5,76.0,89.0,115.5
Model RKP-2 RKP-4
Capacity 10 ton 10 ton
Thickness (iron plate) 3 mm (die 22 – 60.5 mm) 380 V / 3 Ph
Includes Mold No. B-16, B-22, B-28,
B-36, B-42, B-54
B-16, B-22, B-28, B-36, B-42,
B-54, B-70, B-82, B-104
Max. Pressure 700 (kg/cm2) 700(kg/cm2)
Operation Hand Pump Hand Pump
Weight 28 Kg 49 Kg
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