CNC Plate Drilling

  • Used for Drilling connecting plates, foundation plates, end panels, templates, flanges, structural components and other parts in steel structure, bridge, power communication tower, heat boiler, etc.
  • Self-controlled stroke drilling power head, don't need to input drill bit length and plate chickness manually, high efficiency processing
  • High-precision ball screw, linear guide, PLC control, servo driving, high processing precision
  • Optimized intefration design for complete machine, no foundation requirements
  • Identify the CAD graphic files intelligently, and automatically convert into the processing program, simple to operate
  • 12 rapid hydraulic clamps, capable of clamping four sets of work pieces
  • Automatic chip removal, coolant circulation cooling
Description Unit Drilling Machine
CDMP2012 CDMP2016 CDMP3016
Work Piece Max. LxW (mm) 2000 x 1200 2000 x 1600 3000 x 1600
Max. thickness 80
Spindle Quantity 1
Power (Kw) 4
Max.Drilling diameter(mm) ø50
Rotation Speed (r/min) 130~580
Feeding stroke (mm) 180
Feeding speed (mm/min) 20~200
Work piece clamping Clamping thickness (mm) 15~80
no. of clamping cylinder 12
Clamping force (KN) 7.5
Cnc Axis X (Kw) 1
Y (Kw) 1
Positioning precision Coaxial direction (mm) ±0.4
Hydraulic system Pressure (Mpa) 5
motor power of hydraulic pump (Kw) 2.2
Cooling system Cooling mode Automatic Cycle
Motor power Cooling pump (Kw) 0.25
Total power (Kw) (About) 15
Total Weight (Kg) 5000 5500 6500
Overall dimension (mm) 4000x2160x2790 4000x2560x2790 5000x2560x2790