Angle Cutter

Royal angle cutters are designed to cut angle steel specially and available with motor driven pump RMD-212 or RMD-318.

Technical note : Angle cutter in combination with RMD-212 as standard motor driven pump or combine with RMD-318 enable to enhance faster cutting speed significantly.
Royal Angle Cutter

Royal Angle Cutter

  • Light weight and mobile cutting unit.
  • Excellent ease and noiseless operation.
  • Heavy duty double acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Superior angle cutting blade to reduce cutting cost significantly.
  • They are designed to fast handling and speed cutting anglle specially.
  • Very clean and smooth cutting surface & no need the finishing work.
  • Highly recommendable tools to improve productivity and safety.

Model Max.Angle Capacity Cutting time Dimension (mm) Weight
RMD-212 RMD-318
RAC-75 75 x 75 x 10T 30 Ton 15 Sec 8 Sec 170 x 280 x 400 37 Kg
RAC-100 100 x 100 x 13T 50 Ton 25 Sec 15 Sec 250 x 400 x 550 78 Kg
RAC-150 150 x 150 x 15T 70 Ton - 25 Sec 465 x 280 x 400 165 Kg
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