Magnetic Drilling Annulars Cutters

Annular Cutters


  • Peripheral Cutting
  • 3 ball channels and fixing holes for easy loading and unloading cutting blades in one touch.
  • With 1 flat surface for fixation of screw to keep out rotation
  • With 3-PLY design for lighter and faster cutting
  • Tungsten carbide teeth faster than regular cutter and low wear-off.
  • The special tooth arrangement makes the cutting as smooth and light as silk.Long life time can be assured.


This metal borer is designed particularly for the drilling on various steel materials used on the construction of high building. On-Site hole cutting in steel plates, H-Beams shapes, shaped bars, shaped steel, cast iron, steel pipe used in bridges, frame shipbuilding, framework, machinery, steel-frame shipbuilding, elevated bridges, tall building, structures, etc. steel reinfocements, and many other metal working and construction jobs.


All kind of brand magnetic drilling machine. Like American, European, Japanese type or any other brand of drilling machine; as well as general conversion machines, milling machine.
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