Automatic All Position Gas Cutting Machine

Big Auto BA-270

Big Auto BA-270

  • Easy Operation - Aluminum alloy is used, so the main unit weight only 4.5 Kg, resulting in operational ease and efficiency, and makes setting simple. An angle scale is fitted for beveling. Just adjust the scale for precise bevel cutting..
  • Mechanical Excellence - Lift the clutch lever and the side roller releases, so the moving of the main unit is smooth compare with fixed type. Also the design or rail shape and roller assure a smooth, stable travel.
  • Excellent Cutting Precision - Hard rubber is used for 3D rail, which can be twisted and flexibel tubing is set along the rail centers. This flexible tubing prevents the uneven cuts generally resulting from rubber rails.

Note :
  • Cutting Precision - To obtain high cutting Precision, select the most appropriate rail for the job. Rubber rail is very use full for precision cutting, but precision drops when used for straight cutting on walls since they are mode of rubber and narrow: please use a straight rail (Aluminum rail) for this.
  • Safety Chain and Hook - It is impossible to completely avoid the danger of the rail coming off when cutting in high places, especially on vertical surfaces, no matter how strong the magnets are. So for safety, there is chain and hook available which prevent the rail from falling (OPTION).

  • Spesifications

    Model BA-270
    Cutting Thickness 5 – 50 mm
    Cutting Speed 100 – 700 mm/min
    Circle Cutting Range 80 – 1200 mm
    Bevel Angle 0 – 45°
    Input Voltage 100 V / 220 Hz
    1-D Aluminium Rail 1.5 m / 8.2 Kg
    3-D Rubber Rail 1 m / 8 Kg
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