Portable Automatic Shape Gas Cutting Machine

Big Auto BA-250

Big Auto BA-250

  • Convenience - An automatics switch permits simultaneous actuation of the cutting oxygen and the motor. The adjustment and control functions are conveniently, located on the jaw, and all operations have been simplified for labor saving and dependability. Easy vertical and horizontal adjustment of the template holder facilitates centering and flange cutting.
  • Accuracy - Magnetic roller ensures precision conformity to complicated template shape by preventing slippage during the operation. An S.C.R. Control system is employed in this machine so that cutting speed is highly stable.
  • Capability - Effective cutting range is greatly extended. In circle cutting, the max. Diameter is 700 mm. By using the attachment, cutting circle diameter is extend up to 1,700 mm.
Standard Accessories : Cable, Cutting tips, Screwdriver, Spanner

Template Production
  • Template manufacture is a simple process, allowance is easily made for the diameter of the tracing roller, as well as for kerf, with both external and internal templates. Once constructed, the template attached to the holder.


Model BA-250 Cutting range
Cutting Thickness 3 – 100 mm Ø Standard circle 30 – 700 mm
Cutting Speed 100 – 1000 / min mm Using attachment 600 – 1700 mm
Cutting Accuracy 0.5 mm Square side 30 – 600 mm
Control System S.C.R. Control Using attachment 500 – 1200 mm
Magnet Roller Dia 10 mm
Power 220V – 50 Hz
Motor D.C. Shunt Motor 5W
Weight 33 Kg
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