• ~ The speeds and feeding speeds of all drilling spindles are stepless adjustment realized by frequency converter & flow control valve. Rapid feeding work feeding and rapid back of drilling spindles can be automatically converted.
  • ~ Marking stadia can be preset conveniently
  • ~ Cooling system with automatic circling is adopted to prolong the lifetime of drills.
  • ~ Only need operator to input the dimensions of workpiece, the machining program can be generated.
  • ~ Conveniently store, call up, display and communicate according to the code of workpiece.
  • ~ With CAD/CAM easy conversion
  • ~ With self-diagnosis failures function.
  • ~ Adopt CNC technology and servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency and stable workpiece precision
  • ~ Key hydraulic, pneumatic and electric parts all imported
  • ~ Easy programming and can directly use the program data generated by lofting software
  • ~ Computer with English interface, easy operation, and can display the drawing of workpiece
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