• Optional one torch separately or two torches together operation, no disturbance.
  • IGBT Inverter with dual-core technology, providing large welding range.
  • Low price, less weight, power efficient, safe, and reliable.
  • Easy control and digital display of welding voltage, current and time.
  • Special torch with extending cables, large lifting force, low heat, and durable.
  • Inner circuit board is under waterproof, anti-corrosion, dampproof, and dustproof treatment.
  • Compensatory capabilities of power voltage
Product Applications:
  • Mother materials and welding effects
    Carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. materials with arc weldability.
    Welding in the workpiece surface of oxide layer, oil slick, priming paint or electroplate.
    After welding, no deformation, no convex, downward position welding, vertical position welding, overhead position welding, all position welding.
  • Applicable welding projects
    Kiln, boiler, shipbuilding, power plant, chemical engineering, mechanical equipment, various pipeline, vessel, bucket, vehicle manufacturing, etc.
Accessories Spec. Qty.
Weld gun with 5m cable YF-DH-25 2pcs
Weld cable 120mm2 15m x 2
Earth cable 120mm2 5m x 2
Chucks ф13, ф16, ф19, ф22, ф25 25 sets total
Ferrule foot plate
Earth clamp 2pcs
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