H-Beam Straightening Machine

H-Beam flange straightening machine is specially designed for the correction of the steel flange. When H-Beam is in the process of welding and heating, the flange plate must be bent and transfigured, the machine is a special equipment applying to straighten the flange plates. All the correcting rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel. Besides, the machine is put under advanced hot treatment to prevent crackles. All the parts are reinforced to stabilize the correction and realize the long service life. It has merits as simple structure, high efficiency, convenient operation and so on.

Main Technical Parameters

Type Mechanical Hydraulic
Model KSM-20M KSM-40M KSM-60H KSM-80H
Thickness of Flange ≤ 20mm ≤ 40mm ≤ 60mm ≤ 80mm
Tension Strength of Flange ≤ 420Mpa ≤ 420Mpa ≤ 600Mpa ≤ 600Mpa
Size of Flange Width 150 - 600mm 200 - 800mm 200 - 800mm 200 - 1000mm
Size of Web Height ≥ 160mm ≥ 350mm ≥ 350mm ≥ 500mm
Straightening Velocity 5.7m/min 17m/min 6.4m/min 6m/min
Power of Machine 9KW 24.2KW 37KW 44KW
Weight 7000kg 9000kg 25000kg 28000kg
H beam hydraulic straightening machine is applicable to straighten thicker H-Beam flange plate. It has a large scope of application and powerful working capacity. There are hydraulic float rollers in the front and back of the main machine.
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