Plate Bevelling Machine

Kotec PB-2000K

  • Upper,lower cutter bevelling at the same time
  • Bevel angle adjustable digitally
  • Tungsten carbide cutting insert-changeable
  • Simple operation with hydraulic clamp system


Portable Plate Bevelling Machine

  • Portable handy type bevelling machine
  • Self driving system to bevel a big plate
  • Tungsten carbide cutting insert-changeable

Model SMB-20C
Cutting Speed 50 Hz 280 mm/min
60 Hz 330 mm/min
Cutter ratation 50 Hz 250 rpm
60 Hz 300 rpm
Option Stainless,Alumunium,Clamp,Double inverter
Upper/lower bevelling
Weight 260 Kg

H-Beam Bevelling Machine

Kotec KTB-1255NL

  • Scallop processing capability
  • Automatic continous cutting
  • The latest electronic components
  • Automatic cutting speed setting function
  • Self diagnosis function
  • Auto stopper mechanism, web hold by hydraulic pressure
  • High precision finishes with special tools

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