Plate Super Drilling Machine

Kotec PSD-4015

  • Max plate size 4000x1500 mm
  • High RPM,high torque spindle
  • Fast drilling with tungsten carbide drill
  • MS Window based OS,file upload with USB memory
  • CAD file interface,DXF file
  • Auto stop when drill breaks
  • ATC(Auto Tool Change) optional
  • Vertical clamp reduces vibration while drilling

Description PSD-4015/PSD-4015AT
Travelling Type Gantry Type
Max.Processing Capacity 4000x1500 mm
Max.Drill Bil Capacity Carbide Drill : Ø50
Processing Data Entry CAD file interface (18 Patterns)
Tool Change Manual Type/ ATC (Auto Tool Change: option) 4 sets
Work Clamp Stroke 85 mm (20~105 mm)
Work Clamp 16 set
Work Point 4 point
Dimension (WxDxH) 2960x5750(6250)x2750 mm
Weight 8200 Kg
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