Thermal Plastic Welding Machine



  • As our blower adopted the electric diaphragm blower design, it has a simple discharging structure, and its bobbin (heater) has high durability as it always blows fresh air to the inside of the heater gun without need for an axis receiver or a rotary van. With simplified supplies, it shows fewer defects, high durability against long-term operation, and less noise as it does not need oil.

Voltage AC 220 V
Max Output 700 W
Head Pipe 400 ℃
Dimension 280 (L) × 220 (W) × 200 (H)mm
Wind Pressure 20.1kg/㎠ (80ℓ/min)
Noise 45 - 55 db

Gambar 1 (Fig 1) - Gambar 2 (Fig 2)

Standart accessories:
~Thermal plastic welding gun
~Heating element

Welding Method
~Make the angle of the tip sharp by cutting along the dotted lines,
as shown in(Fig 1), wigh a heated-tip welding ROD B

~As shown in (Fig 1), operate HEATER GUN nozzle C in direction 1-2-3-4 with the heating
ROD Band parent material A. then press with the rod (Fig 2) in the downward direction
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