Pallet Changer Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting - JQ 1530AP

JQ-1530AP is an exchange table enclosed fiber laser cutting machine developed by Jinqiang Laser for the actual needs of sheet metal processing industry. Its front platform is used for laser cutting processing while the back platform can be used for loading and picking. The front and back platforms are quickly exchanged in parallel, which greatly reduces the time used for loading and unloading and improves processing efficiency.
NO. Item Parameter Unit
1 Working area(Length *width) 3000×1500 mm
2 X axis travel 1520 mm
3 Y axis travel 3020 mm
4 Z axis travel 300 mm
5 X、Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.05/1000mm mm
6 X、Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03/1000mm mm
7 Acceleration 1.2G m/s²
8 Max running speed 100 m/min
9 Table max load 1000 kg
10 Machine size(length*width*height) 7800×2500×2100 mm
11 Control system FSCUT
Cutting Samples
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