The new Smart Manager upgrade version is the original European imported CNC software based on the Windows platform, which can be fully integrated with the Italian imported CNC system.Equipped with a powerful laser cutting process database, and laser cutting parameters can be adjusted in real time during the cutting process to achieve the best cutting quality. A variety of perforation methods have been newly added, such as continuous/pulse perforation, blast perfora- tion, multi-level perforation, etc., and up to 25 perforation methods can be set. Optimized the motion control of the machine tool to make the operation more smooth, and the production efficiency of the sheet metal is increased by more than 30%. Optimized the control of Z axis and capacitance sensor to eliminate the influence of uneven plate. Support the laser power adaptive function, support the auxiliary gas automatic control function and the air pressure automatic adjustment function, and support the automatic zoom function of the cutting head to ensure the cutting quality. Support multiple breakpoint (power off) return modes. Fully support five-axis and bevel cutting function, support scanning cutting (Raster), to achieve perfect marking. Support FlyCutting and flying punching to realize non-stop cutting. Support Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean and other languages.
Based on the FlorenZ system dedicated to the laser, it communicates with HMI and other modules through a proprietary protocol, which is high-speed, stable, and powerful. Use international standard G codes, and each line of NC codes supports up to 10 interpolation axes. The system can read large NC program files from the hard disk, with a reading speed of up to 11,000 lines of code per second, and can be pre-read up to 500 lines of code. The cutting-edge impact force control (jerk control) limits the mechanical impact stress during machine tool operation. Support multiple work platforms such as gantry axis, five axis and bevel. Support multi-process: Support up to 6 independent simultaneous processes. Support multi-axis control: support up to 32 digital axes and 16 analog axes. PLC control: Integrated two-way PLC, real-time access to CNC data, PLC response time is as high as 2ms, and the synchronization with the NC program is very good. Support high-speed processing and fine processing, support fixed cycle instructions and macros.
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