• Aluminum frame structure
  • Water - proof structure for long bearing life
  • High performance tools in polishing, sanding and finishing surface of any materials
  • Suitable rotation speed for wood surface polishing and finishing

Power input 760 W
No. load RPM 1.800 mm
Sanding disc 180 mm
Overall length 230 mm
Net weight 3.1 kg
Standard accessories wood bonnet, Rubber pad Spanner A&B, Special net Side handle


  • Powerful blowing and sucking
  • Infinite variable speed
  • Strong engineering plastic body
  • Filter for motor damage prevention

Power input 600 W
No. load RPM 0 ~ 16.000 rpm
Planing width 0 ~ 2.8 m3 / min
Planing depth 0 ~ 560 mmAq
Net weight 2.7kg
Standard accessories Side handle, Grease tube Depth control gauge, plastic case
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