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Drilling and Punching

Automatic Drilling and Punching Machine, is a tool prepared by professional machines and industrial machine systems that already have standards and quality in experience that has been widely used in several industrial sectors.

Promotech Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro-36 Auto
Promotech Indonesia. Compact Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro-36
Promotech Magnetic Drilling and Tapping Machine Pro-152T
Mesin bor magnet terbaik dikelasnya. Promotech Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro-62

Promotech Magnetic drilling and tapping machine Pro-122T
PROMOTECH Indonesia. Magnetic Drilling and Tapping Machine Pro-52T
Promotech Indonesia. Low Height Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro-36AD
ROMOTECH Indonesia. Heavy-duty Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine PRO-200 ATEX

Promotech Magnetic Drill Machine type Pro-50
Promotech Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro-72
Promotech Magnetic Drilling and Tapping Machine Pro-112T
Promotech Magnetic Drill Pro-62

Promotech Indonesia. Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine Pro45/2 ATEX
Pro-36 Auto drilling material siku SS-540 size 250 x t25mm dan hole diameter 27mm = 32 detik
Demo Bor Magnet Otomatis Pro36 Auto - Tebal plat 40mm x Dia. 28mm (75 sec)

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