Hydraulic Steelworker Double Piston

  • Punch and Die Ø 22
  • Punch Holder
  • Flat bar cutting blade
  • Solid round - square cutting blade
  • Angle shear
  • Notching Blade
  • Working Blade
  • Working Light
  • Central Lubrication system
  • Electrical Back gauge
  • C - Spanner User’s Manual Book

for large diameter (31-110mm): * Stripper
* Stripper support
* Pressure plate
* Adapter
* Guide nut
* Table
* Ring for dies
* Bolster
Please ask to our sales engineering for further info concerning with optional accessories and optional tools for large diameter.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : Hydraulic stripper
  1. PUNCHING. With the punching tool, large holes and punches can be made easily and efficiently. The punches and dies are interchangeable and easy to change. Special tools and punches are available upon request.
  2. STEEL BAR SHEARING. With this part of the machine square and round bar can be cut quickly. By changing the blades you can also cut U - I or T Sections. Special blades are available upon request.
  3. ANGLE SHEAR. Here with the help of special Blades you can cut several type of 90° and 45° angle sections efficiently.
  4. SHEET METAL SHEAR. You can cut daily sheet metal cutting job very easily.
  5. NOTCHING. The machine comes with a rectangular notching tool which you can use for general purpose. Special V-notching tools are also available upon request
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