Plate Bending Machines 3 Rolls

  • Very suitable for medium and heavy plates, aluminum or stainless steel bending.
  • Ferrules in full circle or varying radiuses can be done easily.
  • Lateral Rolls move linear way with hydraulic pistons.
  • Overload Protection.
  • All Rolls are powered by hydromotor and planetary gearbox.
  • Hydraulic Drop-End for easy removal of finished ferrule.
  • Easy operation with Mobile Control Panel.
  • Two digital readouts for easy roll positioning of bottom rolls.
  • Welded Steel frames.
  • Induction hardened forged or rolled SAE 1050 (CK 45) Steel Rolls.
  • Conical Bending device with ball bearing.
  • Hydraulic balancing system.
  • Built accroding to EC Safety Directives and has CE.
  • Extended Roll Shafts for Profile and Pipe Bending operation.
  • Overhead Crane for large diameters
  • Hydraulic Lateral Side Supports for large diameters
  • Ground and polished rolls for special rolls
  • Profile bending rolls set
  • Infinitively variable speed adjusment
  • Electronic balancing system

  • High efficency on heavy plate bending operation
  • Reduced overall dimensions and easiness of transportation on medium and big machines
  • Having the two bottom roll horizontally moving, means also a lower working height which requires a smaller foundation pit and less anchoring load (in the smallest models you don’t need foundation).
  • During production (pre-bending and bending phases), the plate keeps always its horizontal position. So material move more easy
  • The solid construction and the particular geometry of the 3R UHS enable to be used as a press brake bending machine.
  • The 3R UHS machine can fulfill the best pre-bending on every required diameter. The possibility to reduce centre-distance between lower rolls realizes a better pre-bending during bending of tubes with small diameter and thickness
  • Another important future of the 3R UHS machine is the operating system of the top forming roll. In fact, the top forming roll can be used as a traditional press brake allowing perfect re-rolling and calibration operations of the produced tubes. * In the same way it is also possible to obtain cones with heavy thickness by bending in several stroke the plate.
  • With some 3 and 4 rolls pyramidal machines it is necessary to tilt the top roll to allow the produced tube removel.
  • On the 3R UHS machine this is no necessary and therefore it is much more easy to remove the finished tube.
  • Large working stroke allows to get best bending result.
  • Can bend more thicker plate compare to equivalent 3 or 4 roll machines.
  • Induction hardened forged or rolled SAE 1050 (CK 45) Steel Rolls
  • Double Speed Working system
  • Conical Bending device
  • Three digital readouts for easy roll positioning
  • Automation with NC and CNC Control
  • Overhead Crane for large diameters
  • Hydraulic Lateral Side Supports for large diameters
  • Hydraulic plate ejector
  • Ground and polished rolls
  • Infinitively variable speed system
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