• very high surface quality
  • precise setting of bevel angle from 15 up to 60 degrees and bevel width up to 30 mm
  • continuous adjustment of spindle speed and feed
  • rate make it suitable for different types of steel and aluminum
  • high speed rotary milling head equipped with 10 inserts
  • cutting inserts dedicated to various materials
  • no heat affected zones or distortion of the workpiece
  • easy access to milling head and cutting inserts
  • workpiece height up to 100 mm
  • powerful 7.500 W motor
  • 3D contact wheel control ensures proper workpiece alignment in relation to milling head
  • ergonomic ball roller bench
  • swarf drawer
  • supplementary tables to ccommodate long workpieces (option)
  • pipe beveling attachment for pipes 50-150 mm (2-6”) OD (option)
  • plate attachment for narrow workpieces with a minimum width of 30 mm (option)

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